To register for the Lamar SWTC tournament click on register below (both doubles and singles will be played at MARTIN HS)


updated 7/19 There is still too much construction around Lamar, so ALL MATCHES WILL BE PLAYED AT MARTIN HIGH SCHOOL. This site will be updated throughout the week. Singles start times are posted in each section below. Bring your own ice and water; we will not have access to either at the Martin courts. $10 for each player. Please be prepared for a long hot day of singles. Thanks for making this the largest SWTC tournament of the summer!

ATHLETES that Have Signed up to play:


Girls Doubles Under 15

Names will be listed here.

Huzy / Nygenna

Boys Doubles Under 15

 Names will be listed here: 

Jimenez / Turman,  Pannell / Pannell,  Jain / Garcia,  C. Nguyen / D. Nguyen, Blackman / Tran, Silverman / Maschal

Girls Doubles Under 18

 Names will be listed here.  

Feist / McDonald, Rayball / Nguyen

Boys Doubles Under 18

 Names will be listed here. 


Mixed Doubles

 Names will be listed here.  

Austin / Mitchell, Odaniel / Gonzalez, Stevenson / Siner

ATHLETES that Have Signed up to play:


Girls Singles Under 15, check in at 8:15

Names will be listed here. 

Allison Carlisle, Peyton Hooton, Rebecca Hughes, Grace Boeshort, Preslie Cavett, Lya Lang, Katharine Bui, Lizzie Royal

Boys Singles Under 15, check in at 7:45

 Names will be listed here. 

Josh Maxwell, Sergio Flores, Ruben Martinez, Hunter Jimenez, Jace Turman, 

Corbin Pannell, Carter Pannell Joseph Lombardo, Luan Lang, Logan Price, Chi Nguyen, 

Duc Nguyen, Waylon Chandler, Max Williams, Daniel Tepedino,Ethan Silverman, John Nickel, 

Cale Hampton

Girls Singles Under 18, check in at 8:45

Names will be listed here. 

Kenzie Feist, Erica Marquez, Jillian Parris, Thien Nguyen, Kayla Denson

Boys Singles Under 18, check in at 7:15 and play begins at 7:30

Names will be listed here

Brian Pham, Ashton Blackburn, Nicolas Bindel, Alberto Flores, Mikel Campo, Marvin Coopman, Ashton Jenkins, Patrick Sumner, Eliud Serrano, Riley Lower, Nicolas Vargas, Mark Ponce, 

Aaron Tran, Daniel Stoyak, Ryan Norris, Harry Jin, Jackson Bond, Braeden Levens